2019-20 will be huge for Google Shopping ads
15 May 2019

2019-20 will be huge for Google Shopping ads

Big news from Google Marketing live. eCommerce companies need to

15 May 2019

Big news from Google Marketing live.

eCommerce companies need to take note.

Our friends at Google shopping have decided to shake things up in eCommerce with the announcement of 3 new ad formats in Google shopping.

In short they’ve taken a little piece of Instagram and Facebook and blended formats that drive long-tail engagements.

Google are introducing Discovery ads, Gallery ads and Carousel shopping ads this year and will stagger them out globally thoughout the next 12 months.

Exciting times, and not surprising seeing the uplift eCommerce companies have received from Instagram and Facebook where on mobile especially, the ad unit is much more effective and “shoppable.”

Discovery ads
Discovery ads are native ads that appear in multiple Google feed environments. Google’s VP of Product Management Brad Bender said at a press briefing yesterday that Discovery ads are “visually rich, mobile first and use the ‘power of intent.’” Here, “power of intent” means signals Google derives from consumers’ past site visitation, app downloads, videos watched and map searches. These are essentially the same signals Google uses for In Market Audience targeting.

It mean advertisers will have to create brand new Discovery campaigns.

Gallery ads
Mobile-Only. Gallery ads are more visually compelling units that will appear at the top of mobile search results. They offer a scrollable gallery with between four and eight images and up to 70 characters available for each image. Advertisers pay for these on a CPC basis, either when a user clicks through to a landing page or swipes to the third image in the sequence. However, the cost for a click or a swipe (“paid swipe”) is the same.

Shopping Ads Showcase
Showcase Shopping ads were first released in 2016 in the U.S. intended to offer retailers the opportunity “showcase” a curated list products responsive to non-branded searches such as “summer dresses” or “outdoor furniture.” Google previously said that up to 40% of queries are for these broad product-category searches.

Google’s latest announcement extends Showcase Shopping ads to Google Images, the Discover feed, and YouTube feed. The latter will roll out in the near future.

The ads feature a main image and smaller images, but expand to offer multiple products selected by the retailer. The ads can also carry location information for those retailers that have nearby locations and offer the featured product(s) in-store.

So eCommerce retailers and digital ad agencies need to up their shopping game.

Shopping is by far the most effective Google Ad product for eCommerce and this looks like a win-win for online retailers in the search to drive more growth.

If you need any Google Shopping advice or wish to know more about the latest releases email info@leagueofadvertising.com to find out more.

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