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Can advertising be classed as User Experience?

This is something I have been wrestling with for sometime. On a holistic level, yes. Advertising is an experience from a user’s perspective, trigger’s emotion…. an experience, and indeed the better the experience the more successful the advert – right?

Maybe not.

Then again I suppose everything is advertising, even when you dress to impress a potential date. Is that not a form of advertising?

UX in a pure technical user interface capacity is a highly-skilled arena, and folk like Gareth Dunlop and the team at fathom are blazing a trail for brands developing and creating better user experience’s online and indeed offline.

But what about today’s always-on consumer? They’re online – most of the time, so should advertising not become part of UX?

Digital brand experiences are having an inordinate sway on consumer purchasing habits and brand affinity.

For example, 65% of U.S. consumers report a digital experience changing their perception about a brand (either positively or negatively) and 97% of that group report that the same experience ultimately influenced whether or not they went on to purchase a product from that brand. In a nutshell, experience matters. A lot.

 The lines seem to become more and more blurred.