05 Jan 2016

Advertising – the revolution will involve some television

The creative revolution is happening NOW! From the classic agency

05 Jan 2016

The creative revolution is happening NOW!

From the classic agency model of art/copy teams liaising with media departments and client services, we are now entering the world of art/copy/code interacting with audiences and working in cohesion with clients as part of a business strategy.

We already see Madison Avenue, the global epicentre of the advertising world, doing away with media departments and directors and opening up audience departments and audience directors. Why?

Several reasons really, but the disruption that digital has created in the industry is set to snowball. If the business model of television advertising – so much the staple of any campaign can be diced into microscopic audience profiles and trackable programmatic media then theres going to be a huge shift in marketing.

You see it all began with the Internet. The internet was ushering in a new and disruptive information age, and failure to quickly evolve would result in the global annihilation of the media world as we know it. On the other hand, rapid evolution would allow these media businesses to feel fine.

Well, we know how that turned out. Lots of destruction. Lots of innovation. And an industry turned upside down.

Now it’s marketing’s turn.

While marketers and agencies did a better job than their media counterparts of adjusting to the new digital world order, marketing today is being disrupted down to its roots.

Reconciling marketing technology with human relevancy. Transforming into truly data-driven businesses. Brand touchpoints are now across mediums, devices and technology.

And along with all of this daunting complexity, greater and greater scrutiny.

Naturally enough, these expectations extend to marketers’ agency partners. And agencies’ challenge is to develop better, more relevant models that deliver against a new and still forming set of expectations.

Orchestrated digital interactions on a local and global basis are underpinned by advanced marketing automation and underscored by multitouch analytics and attribution all the way to ROI.

To be sure, every agency falls in love with its process. But what’s clear is that marketing as we knew it is giving way to marketing as it needs to be. Sophisticated marketing technology must be the backbone that supports the brilliant strategy and creative that great agencies are known for. Big data used effectively.

It’s the only way to find your footing in a world turned upside down… and the only way to win.

You need to out-think not necessarily outspend on mass-media.

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